Monday, August 28, 2006

Giraffe Fridgie

materials: 4-ply yellow yarnand f hook
gauge:not important to overall size


row 1: sc in second ch from hook and in next 5 chs.ch1,turn.[6sc]
row 2: sc in each sc.ch1,turn.[6sc]
row 3: sc in next 2 sc.ch1,turn leaving other sts unworked,[2sc]
row 4-6: sc in next 2 sc.end off

For second leg turn body upside down.In row 3 skip next 2 sc and sc in last 2 sc.
Ch1,turn for 3 more rows.end off


starts on opposite end of starting ch at the top
row 1: 1 sc in each of last 2 sc,do 5 more rows of 1 sc in each st.[2sc]
row 7: 2 sc in each 1, turn{4sc]
row 8: 2 sc in first st,1sc in next st,1 sc in next st,[ear] ch6, sc in ln last st.[5sc+ ch 3]end off.

finishing:glue eye on.take 1 strand of brown yarn fold in half and loop thru at random in different sts down the back of neck and in front of ear.make tail also using brown yarn.

design by Jenny Huff


Vik said...


cupcake said...

cute, I couldnt help but wonder how big your fidge must be to stick a giraffe on it!

Daisy's Blog said...

The giraffe is soooo cute! Where did you find a pattern for it? I would love to make one of those.

Lea said...

Thanks so much for the pattern... he is a cutie!!! I am just now catching up on my blog/ville buddies!

Terry said...

Thanks My daughter loves it and I used it in a fridgie exchange that I belong too too..Soo I am very sure that she will love it too.

Dustanne said...


sami said...

very cute i am making 3 of them for a baby blanket and going to make them in three different sizes thanks for the pattern defiantly going to save it

tiny450 said...

tried to print off the pattern and the site would not let me .I only plan on using the pattern to decorate my grandson's sweater I made..

Anonymous said...

this is so cute, thank you so much for the pattern, :) i had a little trouble with the head, as it was facing backwards, lol(i have problems reading directions)but it only took 3 secconds to whip up another!(thistime with the head facing foreward,) -Jess

Anonymous said...

So cute

sarah said...

Hi this is brilliant cant wait to try do you have any more ideas for animals as i am trying to do an ark blanket and just cant find the pattern any where thanks